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Welcome. On this website engineering meets passion.


I am an engineer,

scientific mind, determined person who does not afraid taking new challenges. I worked for two years in international research project in collaboration with industry. Since the beginning of January 2018 I work for automotive industry in ADAS (Advanced driver-assistance systems) for high-end vehicles.

This site is devoted to show You my professional profile, give you an overview of my experience and keep you updated with the latest technologies.

There is nothing you can do, some things are just difficult.


Research and Development

Today, market requires from modern technologies to be implemented in the highest quality and as fast as possible. Thanks to accurate researches and well organized groups of engineers such a products can be developed. But only experienced and passionate groups could make an impact on world.

Graduation is just a good introduction to start learning.

There is not wasted penny for self-development.

R&D Engineer - Technical Leader

Development of energy management system for UAV - drones

Scientific Researcher

Research of the lithium-ion batteries in Battery Management Systems

Team Leader of Chassis Team

Student project dedicated for Formula Student Competition

Experience it's not defined by time you spent on a project.

It is defined by knowledge you gained doing it.


Lithium-ion batteries

Thanks to growing market and great demand on lithium-ion batteries they became more available, cheaper and better. Every year scientist finds a new way of improving cells which are even more reliable and efficient. Such an energy density wide open to engineer’s possibilities.

Using batteries and electric powertrain not only enhance fuel efficiency but also improves the performance of the car that's why we can see such technology in Porsche 918, LaFerrrari or McLaren P1.

During Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 Rimac company reviled their now famous Concept One. Unexceptional hyper-car which drivetrain is powered only by electricity and generates around 1000bhp.

Unusual skills that I gained during my projects:

If you had an opportunity to perform what you've designed, it means that you already know what you did wrong.

TIG Welding

Welding of racing car chassis


Using carbon fibre materials

SMD Soldering

Both soldering and designing

Business meetings

I do not afraid meetings with VIPs

I hope to see you soon again.

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